This website is closing

mh-p internet Limited, the company contracted to Carnforth Town Council to manage this website apologises to the residents and business owners of Carnforth for the missing and outdated information on this website which, despite repeated requests to the Clerk and subsequently the Mayor/Chairman, have not been forwarded to us for uploading.

As a result of this we contacted the Monitoring Officer at Lancaster Council to appraise them of the situation because all of the following is required to be published by law and your council is failing it its legal duty.

1. No proper accounts have been published since 2011/12

2. Freedom of Information Act Inventory, Standing Orders and Financial Regulations, Council Asset Register and Current Contracts Awarded have not been updated since 2012.

3. Register of Gifts & Hospitality, Members Allowances, Committees, Officers & Responsibilities have not been updated since 2011

4. Declarations of Interest have not been updated since 2013.

5. There are various sets of minutes missing.

6. No agendas contain any working documents or information which will be used by members to make their decisions.

7. On 17th June the minutes for an unscheduled Full Council meeting, which took place on 20th May was posted to the website but no agenda was received so members of the public were unaware of this meeting.

8. You will note that there is no date or documents provided with regard to the Annual Town Council Meeting so this took place without the knowledge of the residents

9. The minutes of the meeting held on the 20th May refer to co-option indicating that the council "lost" members at the end of last year or at the election therefore the member list is presumably out of date.

10. In Minute 35/15 of the 20th May meeting approval was given for the minutes of a meeting held on 15th April for which their is no mention on the website.

We have brought our concerns to the Clerk who does not respond to our correspondence so we sent copies of our emails to the Carnforth Chairman who replied: "I have received the copy emails to the Town Clerk concerning the breakdown in communications between your company and the Clerk. This matter is very concerning and I will take it up with the Clerk at soon as possible. If you have further concerns please do contact me by email and I will seek to deal with these. Councillor Major Malcolm Watkins Town Mayor Carnforth Town Council". 

Subsequent to this Mr Watkins unsubscribed from our advisement mailing list. This is the list we use to communicate with councils about any changes to legislation where this affects the website.

We have now been instructed by the Clerk to take down this website. We are delighted to accept the instruction and taken this as the 30 days notice as defined by our Terms and Conditions. We recommend that anyone wanting information that does not appear on this website to make a request for said information which the Council are obliged to supply within 20 days as defined by the Freedom of Information Act. If the Council fails to comply after 20 days have elapsed you can report the matter to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

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